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A POS containing all the options you are looking for.
And all the options you hadn’t thought possible.

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The Topr POS are state of the art and yet very affordable. We can deliver all the options you are looking for in a POS. In addition, we have a great number of possibilites that are going to help you but which you haven’t even thought of. Find out yourself!

Easy to operate and most complete system
If you are looking for a POS, you are looking for a POS which is easy to operate because everybody should be able to handle it quickly and well. In addition, you will have a number of specific demands (for example a handheld for the staff, a digital ticketsystem for the kitchen, paying contactless and a link to your webshop). We provide it all and have a number of solutions that are really going to help you.

Inexpensive solution
Even though the Topr POS is the most complete system you can buy, it is definitely inexpensive to buy or lease. Especially if we show you everything the system has to offer. Would you like a demo, call or email us and we will gladly show you so you can convince yourself.

Catering POS

A POS in catering has to be fast, easy to operate and safe. The Topr CateringPOS connects all catering processes and therefore realises optimal ease of use and clear insight in the reports. Off course, all functionalities for catering like booking tables, paying per table, rebooking and splitting, have been integrated.



Especially in retail a good POS can ensure lower costs and a higher revenu. Paying quickly, simply and safely is the base. Scanning articles, creating groups, stock management and easily adjusting articles comes naturally to us. We also offer the connection with your CRM-system, your webshop and a digital loyalty programme via an app.

Sports canteen POS

A POS in the sports canteen is often used by several people. A large group of varying volunteers have to be able to use it quickly and well while keeping the treasurer happy. That is all guaranteed in our systems. In addition, we see opportunities in this system to generate more money for sports clubs. Off course, all functionalities for clubs, like registering an article, creating groups, printing kitchen tickets with pickup number and simply paying, have been integrated.


7 reasons to choose a Topr POS:

A user-friendly cash register

The Topr POS functions intuitively, is easy to operate and new employees will quickly familiarize themselves with the system.

Unparalleled marketing opportunities

By using the Topr POS, your are disposed of tools to effectively apply online marketing. You get to know your customers better by connecting to a loyalty programme, vouchers and digital customercards.

An innovative scalable system

The Topr POS are innovative. By using cards, wristbands, key fobs and a mobile payment app all configurations are possible, even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Approved system

Off course, the Topr POS all bear the POSmark.

Flexible cash register system

We can also arrange for your system to operate the barrier pass, the door to the office garden, the coffeemachine, the elevator, etc.

A reliable system

The Topr POS is extremely stable because it runs independently from your internet connection. It pushes data to the cloud when possible.

A moderately priced systeem

The price-quality ratio is unique in the field. Especially because you can upgrade and expand the way that fits you.




€ 29,95


€ 89,-


€ 149,-


On Request
Article management
Email Reports
Customer management
Branch Management
kitchen display
Online Reservations
Linkt to Exact

*** Enterprise

Looking for a custom solution, such as a link to access gates, order kiosks, webshop and lockers? Contact us. Our solution can be linked to your existing infrastructure in almost all cases. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

StandalonePOS linked to the cloud

We don’t have to explain to you how nice it is to have insight in your salesdata including extensive, insightful reports all the time and anywhere you go. But a POS can never be dependable on the availability of internet. We combine both requirements in our system. This ensures endless possibilities.


The Topr POS are available in every combination and configuration you would like. Together, we will find out which POS and configuration fits your situation best. Due to our many years of experience we know what the most common combinations are, which enabled us to compose a number of standard systems.

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Countless hardware solutions

The Topr POS can be expanded limitlessly with the most amazing hardware solutions to meet your specific needs. In many cases, we can provide solutions you haven’t even dared to dream of.

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Buy or lease

The Topr POS including all options and peripherals can be bought or leased, what is most convenient for you. When you lease your POS, you don’t need a startup investment which means more money to build your business. You can lease a Topr POS from €38,- excluding VAT per month.

Discover the possibilities